We are happy to announce the Moroccan Prise Up participants for the Maghreb program. Exciting ventures ready to grow and scale:

  • Dwa Chain:
    An application that allows patients and pharmacists to verify the authenticity of their medication using blockchain technology
  • Solar e Cycles:
    Lease to use solar powered light weight vehicles (Tricycles mostly)
  • Logidoo:
    A digital platform that organizes, compares and supports logistics for businesses. Specialize in road, water and air transport.
  • ALTO.Solution:
    Renewable energy company that has designed a parabolic trough solar panel. These panels have higher optical performance and wind resistance.
  • Dabago:
    A mobile application that calculates your transport route, specialized for developing country contexts.
  • Omniup:
    Full-screen advertising on mobile devices in order to access free wifi.