Fintech startup that helps SMEs manage their invoices digitally and allows them to collect payments electronically. WeSettle’s technology allows the use an image of an invoice to connect to payment.

The beginning & the opportunity
Paying an invoice requires the hard original copy signed and stamped. There is a need to be physically present to ensure a payment mainly in cash or via checks. This leads to a waste of time and extra costs. On the other hand, the founding team holds international experience in dealing with financial services, so we wanted to contribute to a sustainable digital economy to ensure business sustainability and to speed the process of financial data and settlement. That’s why We-Settle was born. Wael Moula worked with his cofounder Jeremie together in the Netherlands. There is also Mr Mohamed Jerbi, Mrs Wela Moula my co-founders who are based in Tunisia and are passionate about entrepreneurship.

The challenge
To offer a complete product, we need more technical resources to progress faster. We also need to invest in Marketing to acquire more users and to change the mindset of settling invoices manually in the region.

We-settle in Prise-Up
The PRISE-Up program is a good program but we do wish it was stretched over a longer period.

Investment plans
An investment will support our technological advancement and hence our speed of operations and eventually greater revenue.

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