Solar e Cycles

Lease to use solar powered light weight vehicles (Tricyles mostly)

The beginning & the opportunity 
We have observed two big challenges in Africa. The first challenge is the fact that there are 600 million people across Africa with no access to electricity and the second challenge is the lack of mobility across the continent and in the countries. 

Our aim was to build affordable, accessible, and sustainable mobility & access to renewable electricity. Solar E-Cycles provides affordable environmental-friendly, solar-powered mobility and power for homes or small businesses. 

The cycles are accessible for everyone, especially those with low income in Africa.  A great team is working on the project, Jaafar Mounir Benabou met his Co-founder. Roger Christen in Morocco, in October 2019, while working in energy efficiency and solar power solutions for industrials and hotels.

The challenge we address
The main challenge that Solar E-Cycles faces is to set up a production facility that will produce tricycles without having access to Capital investment. The demand is increasing and this requires renting space, buying tools and equipment and ordering parts.

Solar E-Cycles in Prise Up 
Prise up has been a very rich boot camp in terms of workshops and training. We are very excited about the visibility the program aims to direct at us, as well as the opportunities to present ourselves to investors. 

Investment plans 
Solar powered mobility in a light electric vehicle is a 30bn$ market in Africa and will triple this century. Combining solar with electric mobility makes this business attractive to finance from banks, insurance and companies.With $5m, the startup can roll out 5000 tricycles in a paygo business that will generate 50%+ gross margins within 3 years.

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