A Tunisian Super app that includes mobile payment, food delivery and ride hailing.

The beginning and the opportunity
When we first launched our startup, there was no food delivery in Tunisia and we wanted to be part of the country’s digitalization.

The key issues we are addressing are last mile logistics and digital payments, as well as corporate meal vouchers. Covid-19 has changed people’s habits to digital products and delivery, which creates a much bigger market for us.

Sami Tounsi, Founder of Semsem met his co-founder Adam Chebbi, a member of Tunisian Startup association and started SEMSEM.

The challenge
One of the biggest challenges we’re currently facing is to get the approval from the Tunisian Central bank to operate a digital wallet in SEMSEM.

Semsem in Prise Up
“Prise Up is a very rich program and we have met very interesting mentors throughout the program.”

Investment plans
Tunisia might be a small market to start from, but it’s a room for a lot of innovation. We have been the first last mile logistics platform for food delivery in Africa since 2010.

We believe that there is a big room for development, especially by digitising meal vouchers which is very popular with corporates and is a potential market to scale in inside and outside of Tunisia.

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