Recycling company (Nrecycli) offers people the chance to locate the nearest collection point to drop off their recyclables and earn rewards. They also offer training for the public and engage individuals and institutions to contribute “collection space” in exchange for equipment, training and a percentage of the profit.

The beginning & the opportunity 

The story started in Chrea National Park where we met during weekends to appreciate nature and saw the accumulation of waste with the flow of tourists so we started to do clean-up activities but we realized that this problem can affect the whole country and thus should be a national concern. We started at the end of 2019 with the creation of the platform www.nrecycli.com to connect consumers who want to engage in the recycling of plastic bottles and connect them to the recycling industry. My co-founders and I met at the university of Blida, we were students, Shaker, adel, karim, maissa and Khiro and we all had this ecological commitment to make our country a better place

The recycling industries  are overwhelmed trying to bring raw material from non-sorted bins through informal collectors. Our solution is to connect consumers directly to the recycling industry through collection points and formal collectors to be able transport the pre-sorted recyclables once the collection points are full.

The possibility to connect all the actors of the consumption and recycling supply chains in a self-sustaining loop with a value proposition for each.

The challenge 

The difficulty to push a fully high-tech solution into an ecosystem that is traditionally run in a low-tech set-up.

Nrecyli in Prise-Up 

We are loving the experience so far and are experiencing growth as a team throughout the sessions.

Investment plans 

When it comes to plastic pollution, we at Nrecycli believe that we are all part of the problem, so we all need to be part of the solution


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