A digital platform that organizes, compares and supports logistics for businesses. Specialize in road, water and air transport.

The beginning & the opportunity 
“As the African continent gears up to fully embrace the opportunities of the AFCTA it was very frustrating to see how big of a challenge it was to send or receive goods from Senegal to the rest of Africa. Practical logistical solutions are crucial to make use of the opportunities of the AFCTA, especially with the incredible growth of e-commerce.”

This is what Tamsir TraorĂ© and his co-founders Papa Birame Sene and Mohamed Alaoui set out to do when they founded Logidoo in 2019. They needed a solution to mobilize goods within the African continent. 

Tamsir TraorĂ©  the founder along with Papa Birame Sene, Co-founder met their third co-founder Mohamed Alaoui by reaching out to him in the Senegal Ecosystem during their beginning and got very excited that he agreed to join their team as a co-founder. 

The challenge we address
The major challenge is to launch the first logistics corridor between the Magrib zone and west Africa. The lack of warehouse spaces is a huge challenge as we need a space to store the products that will later be shipped across Africa. 

Logidoo in Prise Up
For me, the Price Up program has been a place of great value as it has given them a deeper understanding of the Maghreb region and most importantly the people I have met throughout the program have given me a lot of insight to think and rethink my next steps. 

Investment plans
“I am seeking investment to try and build an effective logistics corridor that connects different parts of Africa together, starting with a solid connection between the Maghreb region and West Africa.  We are set out to mobilise Africa and this is only the beginning.”

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