Grenadox offers dietary supplements based on pomegranate, which is good for digestive disorders, vitamin deficiencies and pregnant women.

The beginning & the opportunity
“I have memories of my grandmother soaking Pomegranate peel in water for long hours to cure canker sores. Many years later, I pursued a career as a researcher and got inspired by that childhood memory and decided to create a permanganate dietary supplement for digestive disorders and other therapeutic effects. Additionally, through my research, I found out the importance of the dietary supplement market in Africa, as Africa is home to a large diversity of natural resources. This is why I started Grenadox in 2021.”

The challenge we address
The startup is at its first stage. We have financial and funding challenges to start producing our dietary supplement and launch the new product, starting with the Algerian Market.

GRENADOX in Prise Up
The Prise Up program has been a life-changing experience, it has built the bridge to set up my professional vision. It has been an opportunity to widen my network in Algeria and outside of it.

Investment plans
The Grenadox Product will have a positive effect on the health aspect but also potential and strong economical market considering the importance of the dietary supplement market. An Investment in the startup will lead to a successful market entry and production of our dietary supplement.

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