One-stop online recruitment solution that uses Artificial Intelligence and videos to make sourcing, tracking, assessing and hiring talents quick and easy.

The beginning & the opportunity 

It all started with all of us working on our own, which has shown us how difficult it is to recruit the right people. We are all tech engineers. I met with my co-founders Sofiane Mabrouk and Med Sfar in college and so from our experience we decided to bring a technological solution that entails AI and video in an application that facilitates the hiring process for everyone. FabSkill is an AI-powered recruiting platform We assist recruiters and recruitment teams to effectively manage their applicants. 

Especially now, with the world becoming more open and teams becoming more remote, Fabskill is an excellent tool for digital remote hiring. 

The challenge

Our main challenge is that the local market is small and our sales cycles are very long. This is why we want to expand beyond Tunisia. 

Fabskill in Prise-Up

We think it’s the perfect setting to meet people outside of Tunisia and start connecting with investors and study prospecting markets and the potential scaling to international markets. 

Investment plans

We have already closed deals with big names in the local market (Orange, Ooredoo, Attijari Bank, Business & Decision) and with the right investment, we will be able to replicate the same business model in new markets.

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