Easy Relay

A fully integrated logistics service for short delivery services that takes into account the cash on delivery needs in Algeria. They work with SMEs as well as larger ecommerce businesses. 

The beginning & the opportunity 
“During my practical experience I was involved in an e-commerce project, I figured out that lots of the SMEs that enter e-commerce face a high logistical cost because of the regulations and long distances. This experience showed us the gap in logistics is halting the growth of e-commerce in Algeria, especially for SMEs. The high cost of logistics is around 40% of the total price of a product which of course has an impact on the final customer purchasing power or small businesses that can not depend on economies of scale.

“Based on the digitization and data driven management, the logistic field can be improved and benefit all sizes of business, from SME to big companies. We are 2 co-founders who studied together our academic studies and met years later to jump start Easy-relay together.”

The challenge we address
Since Covid-19 e-commerce is becoming more popular. Our main challenge is to attract the customers and gain their trust to use our channel

Easy-relay in Prise-Up
Prise-Up comes at the right moment for us, in a round of fundraising, and it is really helping us to review our goals and our priorities while keeping in mind our values. 

Investment plans
We take pride in our journey until the moment, starting by providing jobs to more than 120 people across our country and by opening a market of +30 million to 1,500 merchants, from one order per day to thousands of orders. Our ambition is to offer this experience on a larger scale.

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