Dwa Chain

An application that allows patients and pharmacists to verify the authenticity of their medication using blockchain technology.

The beginning & the opportunity 
With more than one million deaths every year resulting from counterfeit medication, and a huge loss of 20% from box prices suffered by laboratories, the race to solve the crisis of counterfeit in the medical field is ever-growing.This is the challenge Co-founders Mr Driss El Majdoubi and Miss Dalila Sellami and the team have set out to solve through the startup DwaChain which was founded in 2020. Dwachain is a combination of two words: “Dwa ” meaning Medicine and “Chain” representing the blockchain solution we offer.

The challenge
The startup is faced with multiple challenges such as Financial Challenges, Collaborations with ministries and laboratories as the prototype is being built. These cumulative challenges once solved, can lead to the company’s increased ability to save lives lost. 

DwaChain in Prise Up
Through Prise Up we have discovered our business and market more. We also benefited a lot from the brain trust sessions and our peers’ knowledge. 

Investment plans
We need the investment to finish building our prototype and get one step closer to saving millions of lives through fighting counterfeit medications.

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