A mobile application that calculates your transport route, specialized for developing country contexts.

The beginning & the opportunity 

Casablanca is one of the fastest-growing African cities and is very rich in terms of transport methods. However, it’s very hard to find a faster and cheaper route to go from point A

to B. Improving the mobility experience in developing cities is not easy. The startup

Daba Go, therefore, offers an application that directs the best public transport option for your trip. Daba Go is 100% free and available 24/7.

This application is by locals, for locals. The team behind DabaGo is passionate about the startup and is ready to rise up to every challenge

The challenge 

The regulations and the lack of understanding of government officials is a challenge for Daba Go that we’re trying hard to solve, as well as the Covid-19 health crisis that naturally slowed our operations, as well. 

Investment plans

The whole continent is developing fast and it’s a great opportunity to go into data analytics and build a smart business at the beginning. It’s an opportunity to have a great and fast impact on

developing cities and countries. An investment into the startup will help to explore new horizons. 

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