ALTO Solution

A renewable energy company that has designed a parabolic trough solar panel. These panels have higher optical performance and wind resistance.

The beginning & the opportunity 

About 50% of the global energy is Heat, yet about 75% of the energy source is from fossil fuels. With an ever-increasing change in policies encouraging alternative solutions to energy consumption, it is becoming essential to find a solution that produces heat that is both efficient and economically viable. That is why Mehdi BERRADA and his Co-Founder Mauro PEDRETTI started the ALTO solutions in 2018.

The challenge

Our main challenge is access to funds to help us build our demo, which is quite expensive. Building this prototype will enable us to get our state of the art technology into the market.

ALTO in Prise-Up

The PRISE-Up program has been an amazing place where we have gained valuable experiences shared by experts and other entrepreneurs attending the program.

Investment plans

With an investment into ALTO, the company will be able to build its prototype and launch its groundbreaking technology into the market to help provide an alternative solution to industrial heat at a competitive price. The investment will also help in building the team and marketing the product.

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