Prise Up partners

The Prise Up activities are designed and delivered in a collaborative effort by a consortium of entrepreneur support organisations from across Africa and Europe.

It is symbolic for the approach and the networking, partnerships and community that Prise Up seeks to develop for its participating entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Collaboration and partnerships are key in the development of young businesses and their ability to grow and scale their organisation and business. The partners working with and supporting Prise Up’s entrepreneurs mirror this in their how they work on Prise Up.

Principal partner

Prise Up is a technical assistance programme being made possible through a World Bank administered Trust Fund, which is  financed by a number of development partners including the UK, Finland and Norway.

The activities being conducted under the Trust Fund, such as entrepreneur support projects are being implemented by the World Bank.

Our commitment

We are passionate about entrepreneurs and proactively support the development of our economies and societies through impactful African entrepreneurs.

Our support is focused on the growth needs of entrepreneurs and their ventures to unlock their potential to unlock much need growth and job creation.

We are here to assist in this journey of exciting growth.

Our experience

The implementing partners bring together global and African experience and expertise paried with leading local anchoring partners.

It pairs local insights and network with international technical and implementation capabilities.

It is the best of different worlds brought together for the best support of Price Up’s entrepreneurs.

Implementing partners


Overall project lead – and leading programme and concept development

GrowthAfrica is a leading African impact accelerator and growth partner for ambitious, innovative and scalable entrepreneurial ventures and growth SMEs. It wad founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Nairobi,

Through its acceleration activities, strategic advice and access to investments GrowthAfrica turns entrepreneurial ventures into successful businesses contributing to Africa’s social and economic progress.

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Content delivery partner – and international network collaborator

Seedstars has since its founding in 2012 grown into a global community that believes in the innovative potential of emerging markets.

The organisation aim to contribute by running the Seedstars World Competition, Seedspace hubs, various acceleration, and growth programs, and at the same time, investing in high-growth companies from Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central and South Asia.

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Local partner, Tunisia – with anchoring networks and insights

Launched in 2015, Afkar is dedicated to catalyzing individuals with great ideas for social change. It convenes and connects decision-makers from government, civil society, and the private sector to tackle problems that can only be solved through high-level collaboration.

Afkar Incubator is the latest program supporting new leaders of social change. It targets impactful entrepreneurs who can lead the change of tomorrow.

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Local partner, Morocco – with anchoring networks and insights

Founded in 2012 by a group of people enthusiastic about social change in Morocco, the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (MCISE) is dedicated to finding entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to every social challenge in Morocco.

The organisations believe that supporting social entrepreneurs with system-changing ideas can provide benefits for Morocco and the wider global community.

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Go Platform

Local partner, Algeria – platform for local support and resources

Go Platform is Algeria’s pioneer in academic education and self-development, providing guidance to develop self-confidence and entrepreneurship skills. It assists young people fulfill their potential and impact the world.

Go Platform is connected to 3 million youth. The organisation works to help aspire and activate young leaders from the MENA region and Africa to solve the world’s most critical challenges.

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